DXN Ganoderma and treatment of Diabetes

DXN Ganoderma and treatment of Diabetes
  In the Kinki Institute conducted a study of Ganoderma lucidum with elderly diabetic patients (in some cases, it was suppressing insulin treatment). In the first few months it was found that rates of glucose experienced small bumps.

During treatment, some of the most common symptoms of decreased treaties, appearing significant improvements in general. After a year, a high percentage of patients achieved normalization of glucose levels.

It is considered that Ganoderma lucidum acts similar to insulin, inhibiting the formation of glucose and facilitating their entry into cells. Furthermore, we have contrasted the action exerted by the Ganoderma lucidum in the immune system, also favors the condition of patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus

Taking Ganoderma lucidum obtain the following results:

     Acts similar to insulin, glucose inhibits the synthesis and facilitates its entry into cells.
     Reduces levels of blood glucose.
     Reduce symptoms of diabetics.
     Improving the autoimmune response in case of Type I Diabetes Mellitus
     Prevents diabetes and prevent its complications or sequelae.
     Promotes efficient glucose metabolism in the liver.

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