DXN USA: 10 Things You didn´t Know

10 things you didn’t know 

1: Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter- contains plenty of essential nutrients and proteins to rebuild your muscles. 

2: Dried fruits and nuts- get a dose of protein from the nuts and quick carbs from the fruit.

3: Chocolate milk- packed with protein and carbs, chocolate milk refuels you.

4: Egg omelet- egg contains the fastest -absorbing form of protein in the world.

5: Cottage cheese- lots of good protein and fat, very few calories.

6: Salmon- one of the leanest meats, salmon helps repair muscles.

7: Sweet potato- a superfood that can be prepared in the microwave.

8: Tuna- the budget friendly way to get your protein.

9: Greek yogurt- great for on-the-go and high in protein. 

10: Peanut butter sandwich- this simply classic is surprisingly, healthy and nutritious.

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