DXN USA: Diabetics Breakfast

One of the keys to controlling diabetes is to follow a healthy diet. As we know, all healthy eating plans should include yes or yes breakfast as the most important meal of the day. What must be taken into account to prepare breakfast for diabetics?

In here we help you to answer this question, several ideas for breakfast for those with diabetes.

Tips to prepare breakfast for diabetics:
Controls the size of the portions you serve the dish. That will help you avoid overeating!

Daily consume products that are low in fat.

Avoid sugary coffee.

Choose lean meats, such as beef or turkey bacon

Use a nonstick pans or cooking spray.

Replace butter with healthier options such as margarine, which is based on vegetable fat.

Remember to follow the rules of nutrition for diabetics: it means eating more grains, beans and starchy vegetables balance the consumption of meats, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, milk and milk products and avoid fatty, sugar
y foods and alcohol.

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