It has been found that you can reduce the risk of acquire some types of arthritis or reduce disability if you already have arthritis:

-Maintain an appropriate body weight or losing weight.

-In the case of men, should avoid excessive weight gain during the early adulthood to reduce the risk of developing gout.

-Avoid tick bites and does an early treatment if rash may reduce the risk of developing Lyme disease.

-Try to avoid injuries in your joints and attempt not to do repetitive moves that may hurt or injure the articulations.

-Talk to your doctor about vitamin and mineral supplements. Have insufficient level of vitamin D lowers the amount of calcium that the body can absorb. This plus lower level of calcium could develop osteoporosis with the time.

-Strengthen the muscles around joints specifically in the knees, this reduces the risk of wear on the joint and prevent injury.

-Work out regularly to strengthen the muscles around joints.

-Many women lose bone during the years around menopause, ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

-A low level of estrogen is the main cause of osteoporosis in women after menopause.

-Avoid smoke and drinking alcohol, both habits weakens the bone structure that increases the risk of fractures.

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