DXN EEUU: She is 50 But Look Like 30!


Four steps you have to follow if you want to look like 30 when your are 50

Be active, workout, walk, dance, run, do something more than sit on your sofa or in front a computer. Exercise is important to maintain a healthy heart but also to feel and look young.

Drink spirulina for breakfast, spirulina has essentials amino acids, has vitamins A, C, B6 and folic acid that helps skin cell formation and a proper functioning of the nervous system.

Keep hydrated, drink a lot of water but specially drink coffee with ganoderma. 

The ganoderma has 154 antioxidants that would help you keeping you very young both outside and inside, regulates glucose, reduces stress and could be used as mask too.

Smile! According to psychologists smiling also reduces stress as ganoderma.

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