DXN EEUU: Why you Have to Take Spirulina

Why do I have to take spirulina?

Now a days it is necesary to drink or eat natural products, one of them is spirulina and here is why you must  drink or take this fantastic seaweed:

Spirulina has vitamins, especially vitamin A, C and part of vitamins B.
We know the importance of vitamin A and C as antioxidants prevention of diseases degenerative diseases.

Spirulina highlights in vitamin B12 and folic acid- folic acid is necessary in the cell formation, a good heart function and nervous system-.

The spirulina contain a lot of iron so its suitable to prevent and combat anemia.

If you want to sleep well, drink spirulina because it has melatonin, a hormone used for insomnia treatment, the prolongation of youth and cancer treatment.

Also give you calcium and magnesium in the menopause.

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